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Blockchain solutions

Entropia has developed an automated marina and port vessel booking system employing blockchain technology and NFTs to streamline and secure the service.

Customers will enjoy a speedier service while port and marina authorities will require less manpower while being able to generate higher profits from the sale of NFTs.

Entropia Token – ENT

ENT ~ ERC20 is designed to:

  • Fuel smart contracts in the yacht industry for yacht charter, sales, provisioning and more;

  • Support a hub and payment rail for NFT artists; and

  • Conserve the marine environment by investing in ocean clean-up technology delivered via ENT, decided by consensus, confirmed by blockchain.


Photo: When the entirety of global assets are measured in bitcoin.

Marinas berths with blockchain

We transform the current centralized and inflexible yacht berth booking system to a more flexible, more transparent and more profitable model with immediate benefits for the port authority.

The User (owner/captain/charterer) will be persuaded to switch to the new model due to its many advantages over the legacy system and the simplicity of the user interface.


Entropia has established a collaboration with dtcpay, a regulated Digital Payment Token (DPT) service provider licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Clients making use of this service must establish a direct relationship with dtcpay and transact at their own risk and expense. Yacht related transactions may be effected using the major cryptos accepted by dtcpay which boasts a speedy service and one of the lowest transaction fee structures available.