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Freeing up your floating footprint

At the scale of superyachts fuel consumption quickly reaches big numbers.  A 70 metre superyacht guzzles more than 500 litres of fuel per hour with just the engines running in port and at least double that figure when underway. This is the equivalent to releasing over three tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during every hour of service.

Some yacht owners choose to purchase carbon credits to offset their floating footprint. The projects are diverse and include side benefits such as soil conservation, re-forestation and water management and education.  Purchasing carbon credits is a straight-forward process with an audited trail.  For some perspective on costs consider that offsetting 100,000 litres of diesel fuel will amount to approximately Euro 2,500.

We currently work with two carbon offset organisations: South Pole and Yacht Carbon Offset. Feel free to contact either directly or go through us. These organisations can visit and inspect the yacht and draw up a program of credits with the owner or simply work off numbers produced by your captain and engineer.