Candela Recreational Series: C-8 DC and C-8 CC

The C-8 DC is a day cruiser for up to 8 passengers.  The C-8 CC is an open boat with optional T-top for protection from the sun.  Vacuum infused from 100% carbon fibre the hull is rigid, light and strong. Foils are fully retractable.

Price: From €290,000 plus VAT

  • Length DC: 8.50
  • Length CC: <9 m
  • Width: 2.50 m
  • Draft: 0.5 in shallow mode
  • 0,9 m in planing mode
  • 0,8 m while foiling
  • 1.5 m while not foiling, foils extended
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Weight: 1750 kg
  • Hull-shape: The hybrid hull is shaped for low friction planing in addition to low air resistance when foiling. In Harbor Mode the foils are retracted above the surface which prevents fouling and corrosion.
  • Battery: 69 kWh – Powered by Polestar
  • Speed: 22 kt cruise, 27 kt top
  • Motor: Candela C-Pod (45/50 kW)
  • Range: 57 NM at cruising speed +3 NM at 4 kn in limp home mode
  • Charging: 11 kW AC: 6.5 h 0-100%
    135 kW DC: 35 min 10-80%
  • Interface: 15,4-inch touch screen with Candela’s proprietary navigation and boat integration system. Free software upgrades included. One year free sea chart upgrades included.
  • App: Candela app with position, state of charge, route statistics and more. Optional geo-fence.
  • Passengers: 8 passengers including driver