Ocean Barrier is an Australian company using patented technology for protection from shark attacks.  Sharks have electrical receptors in their snouts called “Ampullae of Lorenzini” which are used for finding food.  Ocean Barrier’s Shark Shield technology creates an electrical field that interferes with the shark’s receptors causing them to turn away and distance themselves from the electrical current.  The company has devised smart applications incorporating the shield unit to allow for swimming, diving, surfing and even spearfishing!  The company has also created electrical barriers in the ocean to protect areas directly in front of hotels and resorts.  Shark Shield is supported by surf legend Tom Carroll among a string of ambassadors.



The Freedom 7 offers 6 hours of protection from all predatory sharks including great whites.

USD 549.00

The Scuba 7 is designed for scuba divers and incorporates the electrical component so that there is no trailing antenna.

USD 749.00

The Espear is designed for snorkelling and free divers.  Once the spear is deployed it is immediately “on”

USD 299.00



Created with surf legend Tom Carroll the Freedom + Surf has been designed to avoid any impact on surf quality.

USD 579.00



The Boat 02 is configured as a buoy and is designed to be thrown into the water behind an anchored yacht and protect swimmers in its vicinity.

USD 2,499.00



Designed for fishing from a boat the Fish 02 offers protection for fishermen and their catch.

USD 1,999.00